IDG's New Event Series for the Digital Enterprise

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A Deep Dive into Digital-First Strategies

Across industries, 89% of IT executives and managers say their organizations have or plan to adopt a “digital first” business strategy. And fully one-third say that digital business strategies have led to revenue growth. But legacy systems, and the obstacles they create, remain an impediment — right behind budget and finding the right skill sets.

That’s where FutureIT can help. Future IT is where IT executives and managers learn about technologies and strategies to accelerate their digital business journey.

Data source: IDG Digital Business Study, 2018

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A Networking-Rich Environment

Networking opportunities throughout the day enable attendees and sponsors to make valuable connections — and when you sponsor FutureIT, you create relationships, gather highly qualified leads and accelerate your sales pipeline.

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Audience Qualification Criteria

FutureIT has a stringent registration process to ensure a qualified audience. Applicants answer detailed demographic questions in the areas of job title, company size, budget and purchase involvement. Qualification criteria includes:

IT Executives, IT Directors, IT Managers, IT Professionals, Corporate Management

COMPANY SIZE: 100+ employees

Chart source: IDG Digital Business Study, 2018

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Contact your IDG sales representative

or Adam Dennison

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